How to wear dresses for women to keep warm and more beautiful in winter

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Some of us simply are not pants-girls. We love the breeziness and easiness of dresses for any occasion, day or night. But what are we supposed to do when the weather gets cold and a dress simply won’t cut it!? Our poor bare knees and shivering arms would look totally inappropriate for cold weather — not to mention the frost bite! But not to worry —  genius style stars and fashion bloggers have been finding sneaky ways to incorporate dresses for women into their winter wardrobes for years. It’s like Christmas came early! Here are our favorite ways to wear dresses for women in the winter.

1. Over a Long-Sleeve Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are so chic and classic on their own, so pairing a turtleneck with a shift dress? Cold-weather-appropriate perfection. Pair with crisp and clean accessories like booties and a structured bag.

It’s the turtleneck women. With its distinct neckline and variety of styles, we can’t wait to cozy up in the all the best turtlenecks this autumn has to offer.

Between the chunky knit versions to wear alone and the tissue-thin options perfect for layering, the turtleneck sweater is one of the most versatile pieces you’ll own this season. If you’re looking to add some of these effortless pieces to your wardrobe, you’re in luck. We searched the internet high and low for some of the most stylish turtlenecks on the market. From a celebrity-approved cropped versions to the soft knits you’ll want to live in, these will give you your turtleneck fix for the fall.

2. With Black Tights

While this might be the most obvious trick you’ve likely known since your mother would match your dress to your tights in Kindergarten, the right styling tips can take the look from basic to trend-settingly stylish. Make sure the hem of the dress is either a mini-dress or midi-dress; any length in between will look bulky and awkward. The easiest way to look great in tights is to go with all black, for a classic look. But if you want to stray from black, make sure the colors are still winter colors (aka no brights or neons) and that there’s some black in the top half to match the tights (like the black lining in Olivia’s jacket). Make sure the jacket and dress are similar colors and lengths to avoid too much busyness.

3. Under a Sweater

You don’t have to pack up up your favorite slip dresses or floaty maxis when summer ends; throw an oversized sweater on top, pair with boots, and you have the perfect winter outfit for coffee with friends or Christmas shopping.

Best Tips to Wear a Sweater for women

  • Match a sweater with a mid-length skirt and a tiny handbag.
  • Wear an oversized sweater with a mini skirt and leggings.
  • You should also have a sweater dress in your wardrobe and wear it with a winter hat.
  • Thigh-high suede boots are a great accessory to match with a sweater, though.
  • Adidas superstar shoes are just downright meant to be worn with sweaters, leggings and a hat.
  • Wearing a cardigan sweaters for women over a sweater isn’t a bad idea at all.

4. Over Black Dress Pants for Women

Haven’t you heard? Black dress pants for women are the new tights — only they’re warmer and more comfortable. Wearing a long tunic in a warm material like knit makes the outfit winter appropriate. Make sure the black pants are fitted in a sturdy material like denim or leather. Add sneakers for comfort (and to be able to walk through snow without getting your shoes ruined!).


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