belong to Tonxi LLC. Here is our company(Tonxi LLC) rules:

1: Do not created audio surveillance devices listings on Amazon.

2: Do not upload any listings that violate Amazon's restricted products policy. Reciting Amazon's restricted products policy to ensure every listing obey Amazon products policy.

3:Do not create infringe listing on Amazon.

4:Do not create duplicate listing on Amazon.

5:Do not upload Amazon products image with image link.All images coming from should use Photoshop to edit to meet Amazon products image requirement.

6:Do not deliberately neglecting or rejecting reasonable and lawful orders or assignments of supervisors;
7:Do not reject the reasonable and legal order or inspection of security personnel;
8:Do not work for other institutions, companies or private individuals without the permission of the general manager;
9: Do not do private work during working hours;
10:Do not engage in any behavior that conflicts with the company's interests;
Pls obey all of the company rules, who violate company rule will be fired as soon as possible.