Best Dried Morel Mushrooms 4 Ounces


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High Quality:The fresh wild morel mushroom season typically runs from March...

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High Quality:The fresh wild morel mushroom season typically runs from March through July. For that year round morel fix, our dried morel mushrooms can’t be beat. The dried morel mushrooms we stock are of excellent quality, and are picked and dried the same day. All of our dried morel mushrooms reconstitute well and are ready to be added to stews, soups and sauces.

Less is More: 2 oz dried morels will become approximately 20 oz. It depends on the moisture content of the morels and temperature. These superb morel mushrooms have been picked, sorted and cleaned by hand. Chosen for quality of their flesh, visual appeal and aromas, first choice morels are suited for any fine dish of haute cuisine.

 Best Gift from Nature:Morels are rare, and only found in the spring, making them less available (and more unique) than other mushrooms species. This tasty and somewhat interesting-looking mushrooms has an elongated shape, resembling a dry and indented pinecone, reminiscent of a sponge in texture and feel.

 A classic dish: morels braised in butter and deglazed with Madeira. Pair with omelets, chicken, red meat or use in soups and sauces. Soak in warm water for approximately 30 minutes before use.


Question:About how many mushrooms are in 2 ozs?

Answer:between 10 & 15 dried (depends on their size)

Question:If I only use some of the packet, do the rest need to be used shortly after

or do they remain good?

Answer:No as long as you reseal them in a ziplock they will be good for a while but

if you wanted to store them for a long period I would suggest a mason jar or a

foodsaver bag. If you use a foodsaver do it on gentle and don’t allow it to crush your

mushrooms or you will have morel pieces instead.

Question:If you soak them in water do they go back to normal?

Answer: Yes, they can be used like fresh morels and are very tasty. They also seem to

have a more intense flavor.


Question:Hi, I have never tasted a dry mushroom ever. My question is, do u have to

clean them before using them and do you use the whole thing as shown?

Answer:No, you do not need to clean them. If you are cooking with them it i suggested to soak them in water to re-hydrate them.


Question:hi, what size are the morel mushroom?

Answer:These mushrooms are the best! The size: all around 1 1/2 inches... enjoy.


Question:Are they really wild?

Answer:Yes they are wild grown. To my knowledge it has not been figured out how to grow them commercially.


Question:What region of your morel mushrooms?

Answer: Our morel mushrooms are from the virgin forest with high altitude over 2000 meters, where morels grow better and are out of pollution.


Question:When were they picked?

Answer: Our dried morels were picked in the spring of 2020 to guarantee the best quality and nutrition.


Question:How to storage your morels?

Answer: Please store the dried morel mushrooms in dry, cool and ventillated place, avoid long exposure to sunshine, use well sealed container(plastic bottle) to store the morel mushrooms.We strongly suggest to store morel mushrooms separately to avoid of tainting by odor.


Question:How to prepare them?

Answer: Please use warm water with temperature 30-40 degree to soak the morel mushrooms for 10 minutes, making them just as they were fresh picked from the ground.Wait the grit to precipitate, cooking use the soaking water to get more essence of the morel mushrooms.


Question:Why dry morels?

Answer: Morels with water in them are a very perishable item. They only last about 7 days, so they have to be processed and shipped quickly, which is very expensive. With water removed, the morels can be stored up to 18 months, retaining full flavour.


Question:Why are they black?

Answer: It is the particular colour for morels which grow in high altitude and low temperature, making them more nutritive.

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Best Dried Morel Mushrooms 4 Ounces